Life Members

A Life member is a person honoured for meritorious services to the society

Life Member (Inaugrual) since 2005 - Elizabeth Culverwell RN

Elizabeth joined IVNNZ Inc. in 1995.

In 1999,  Elizabeth was elected as the 2nd President at the Wellington Conference AGM being recognized for her extensive IV knowledge, credibility  and commitment to IVNNZ Inc. Elizabeth also held the role of President from 1999 -2004, providing vision and direction for the organization Her dynamic planning and strategic direction steered the organisation to a higher level along with her amazing promotional, networking and marketing skills ensuring the financial stability and independence the organisation enjoys today. Her knowledge and meticulous planning skills continue to be appreciated in her Marketing Officer role held since 2006 to the present day. Her skills have also been utilized effectively as conference Convener in 1997,2007,2008,2010.

Elizabeth was responsible for shaping and developing the organisation’s many educational initiatives. She is the original author of ‘Taking Tangles Out of Lines ‘ an educational book on central venous catheters. In addition Elizabeth developed and facilitated workshops for PICC level 1 and 2, PICC and Midline insertion, central venous access devices, IV cannulation, venipuncture and phlebitis.

Recognising and valuing the importance of all IVNNZ Inc.members and their contribution to the organization was the compelling factor in establishing the Education, Research and Travel Fund, Service Awards and the President’s Award. Elizabeth grew membership rapidly as she recruited at the many PICC workshop throughout the conference.

Elizabeth has also presented for IVNNZ Inc. in 2001 -Nelson, 2005 –Hamilton, at the Australian Infusion Therapy 2001 (winning Best Paper Award) and the International IV Conference Oxford, UK 2002 where she was Guest speaker representing IVNNZ Inc.

Elizabeth has provided inspiration and outstanding commitment and service to IVNNZ Inc. over the past 15 years.


Life Member since 2008 - Margie Burt RN MN

At the 11th IVNNZ Inc. National Conference held in Auckland, Margie Burt was awarded Life Membership  in recognition of her contribution to IVNNZ Inc.
Margie invested her time and energy into the organisation. Under her leadership the organisation was moved to the next level, and in 2006 became an Incorporated Society. The development and launch of our web site followed in the same year. Her wise stewardship as Treasurer contributed to the financial stability IVNNZ Inc. currently enjoys. Margie held the following positions on the National Executive and National Standards Framework for IV & Related Therapies Working Party

  • Member  since  1995
  • Treasurer: 1996 -2002
  • Website Manager 2004 - 2008
  • President:  2004 -2007
  • National Working Party Member 1997  - 2007
  • Certificate of Service Award -2002
  • Contributed to National Conferences through oral presentation and workshops.


Life Member since 2016 - Catharine O'Hara RN MN

Catharine O’Hara joined IVNNZ Inc. in 2001.

At the 15th IVNNZ Inc. Conference held in Christchurch, Catharine O’Hara was awarded a Life Membership in recognition of her contribution to IVNNZ Inc. Catharine was conference convenor, in collaboration with IVNNZ Inc. Wanganui members, for the 7th conference held in Palmerston North in 2002.  In 2005, she was nominated secretary and is an active member on the executive committee currently and for the past 11 years.

In 2007, Catharine was elected as the President at the 10th IVNNZ Inc. Conference AGM, and held the role of President from 2007 -2014.  Her leadership and strategic direction steered the organisation to a higher level along with her amazing promotional, networking and newsletter editor skills ensuring professionalism. Catharine was responsible for coordinating and editing the organisation’s 2012 Provisional Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice. Catharine presented at the IVNNZ Inc. conference held in Waikato in 2005 and 2016.  Also, she attended and presented at the 3M Global IV Leadership Summit in 2013.

Catharine has provided leadership and outstanding commitment and service to IVNNZ Inc. over the past 15 years.