AVATAR - Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research Group, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia


The Alliance Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR) group, led by Professor Claire Rickard (Griffith University), have collaborators that include researchers, clinicians, educators and industry from Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and the United States of America. All AVATAR-ians are committed to scientific work to improve hospital and home care vascular access practices, to rigorously and independently test new products, and to promote global networks of vascular access researchers.

Interested in knowing more about AVATAR? It’s simple. There are no membership fees or forms to apply, just register for our mailing list and you will receive our newsletters. The group has launched its official website – www.AVATARgroup.org.au Here you can find information regarding current research trials, our research team, partner hospitals, teaching and training, and industry collaborations. If a particular study or results are of interest to you, you can contact us for more information. Periodically you will also receive requests to participate in surveys or studies, you can feel free to participate or not, it’s always up to you.